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Business offer

Give a green effect to your business !

Atout Vélo Pro is your perfect partner

Let’s build together your tailor-made Mobility Pack.

Choose the most suitable bikes for your employees and staff!

Opt for classic bikes, or electric-assisted bikes for long-term rental or direct purchase.
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Parking solutions with secure bike shelters

If you want your employees to travel by bike, you must provide them a place with a fixed point to secure the bike.

Solutions to fight against theft.

We recommend a minimum investment in bike security equivalent to 10% of the value of the bike.

Solutions for your comfort & safety.

The cyclist also needs to feel safe and comfortable on the road. A minimum equipment is essential for daily cycling.

Solutions for the transport of your goods

We offer a wide range of accessories to transport the necessary equipment (computer, lunch, change of clothes…).


Opt for a cash purchase or a long-term lease (LTC) of 12 – 36 months.


Deduct 25% of your bicycle investments from your corporate tax


A complete care, maintenance and insurance solution in your long-term leasing offer

Good to know!

For your company


The bike:

  • Increases productivity (less work stoppage, more punctuality)
  • Increases the well-being of employees
  • Improves your company’s image
  • Becomes a marketing/advertising support
  • Useful for moving around within a company in several buildings

For your employees


The bike is:

  • Good for your health
  • A fast means of transport
  • Economical, the bicycle is much cheaper than the car
  • Ecological

For local authorities, social landlords and public institutions that wish to offer bicycle parking

The Alveole program allows you to obtain a bonus of up to 60% of the price of installing a bicycle parking lot.

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